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Company Profile

The mission of Nippon Technology Venture Partners is to help talented Japanese entrepreneurs build world-class technology companies.

Company Profile

Nippon Technology Venture Partners (call NTVP for short, founded in 1998), is the first independent (non-belonging to any financial group) and “Hands-On” venture capital firm in Japan. Our firm has raised 9 venture funds and currently has more than 14 billion yen (US$160mill) in capital under management. Most of limited partners in our venture funds are successful entrepreneurs and angel investors.

The mission of NTVP is to help talented Japanese entrepreneurs build world-class technology companies. The NTVP team always takes a very active and team-oriented support to the company-building process in all of our portfolio companies, and has long term commitments.

NTVP focuses on early-stage investing, 2/3 of portfolios are startup or seed stage investment.

NTVP has funded companies including DeNA (market cap: $1.5 billion as of Sep.2009, listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange) and Infoteria (listed on the Mothers Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange). DeNA runs Mobage-town, the Japan’s biggest mobile SNS/virtual world/gaming platform. Mobage-town has 14.9 million members in Japan and saw 19 billion page views in Aug.2009.

Venture Capitalist

Kazutaka Muraguchi, general partner of the funds, has founded NTVP in July 1998. Prior to that, he spent 14 years with JAFCO, the largest venture capital firm in Japan. As a JAFCO investment manager, Kazutaka became known not only for his acumen in selecting profitable investments but also for his hands-on approach in helping portfolio companies at the phase of just starting up a business, creating new products at early-stage, expanding sales at middle-stage or building a organization at public-stage, to achieve their full business potential. He has been instrumental in helping portfolios restructure operations, solidify their management, arrange M&A transactions, and complete other tasks necessary on the way to IPO. His previous investments at JAFCO include Ain Pharmaciez (listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange), JAPAN CARE SERVICE GROUP CORPORATION (listed on JASDAQ), PALTEK CORPORATION (listed on JASDAQ) and BROCCOLI (listed on JASDAQ).

Currently, he serves on the boards of Akib Networks, Japan CableCast, Japan Quality Management, Mathematec, PTP, Trinity Security Systems, ZaxelSystems and Water Direct Corporation. Previously he was a board member of DeNA (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange), A-careSystems and Infoteria (listed on the Mothers Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange).

He holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Keio University and is a Chartered Member of the Security Analysis Association of Japan.


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